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Community Policing: The Path to Healthier Relationships - a Police Chaplain's Perspective Paperback 

This book appeals to our desperately needed collective sense of civility. It invites us into the PATH of healthier relationships as we journey together. Indeed, we (the Community & the Police) are on the same team

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Community Policing

Healthy relationships between the Community and the Police require intentionality, hard work, skills, and a game plan. 

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One world, One race!

I believe there's ONLY one race in the world, that is, the HUMAN RACE -- with many tribes ... mexicans, cubans, chinese, korean, filippino, french, russian, germans, italian, british, irish, cree, ojibway, cherokee, japanese, maori, arabs, jews, african (maasai, kikuyu, hutu, tutsi, shona, ndebele, zulu, xhosa, tswana, ashanti, yoruba, fulani, chewa, bemba, et cetera).
Our failures to co-exist peacefully contributed to hatred, bullying (with genocide being the highest form of bullying), slavery, tribal wars (which some people prefer to call "world wars"), et cetera.
Oh that we may SEE the humanity in each one of us and treat each other as members of the HUMAN RACE.

Community Policing

Dr. Mpindu does far more than explain the complex relationships between the police and the public. He spends so much of the book focusing on the service of frontline police officers. They too are impacted by everyday life, but also face immense added pressures placed on them as a result of their duties, the horrific things that they see and, at times, must do

The Secret for Ongoing Motivation

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Why Hard Work Is Not Enough

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